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When people ask why we started Art Lovers Australia, it feels overwhelming to explain how a lifetime of loving art, creating, teaching, exhibiting and gallery visits lead to Art Lovers. We knew so many phenomenal artists that just weren’t being seen – traditional galleries, understandably, could only support a limited number of artists and the rest just weren’t getting exposure.

After my father’s death, I kept hearing in my head “get on with it” and so  our gallery dreams were fast tracked, being breathed into existence (no that makes it sound too easy … perhaps ‘birthed’ better captures the process of intensity and hard work in our labour of love).

Our online gallery allows us to support a huge number of emerging and mid career artists.  And every day we are discovering new talent to share with other Art Lovers.

Art Lovers Australia is based on our shared love of Art and our genuine desire to see artists thrive.

Pp Nancy Edit

More about Nancy…

Growing up on a 1000 acre property near Texas, Queensland was not an education in Fine Art but my mother trained me to find beautiful things – a birds nest in the tree, the blue bells in the grass, and stones on the river bank. She trained my eye to see the things in nature that made our hearts sing with delight.

Even after over 20 years in Art Education, I still tune into this same instinct to find beauty.  There is a lot of art theory but really it’s about feeling.  What makes your heart sing? What sparks your interest?  It’s as simple and complex as falling in love.

Pp Jarrod Edit

More about Jarrod…

I grew up in Brisbane where as long as I can remember I always loved to draw and create from my own imagination. Constantly doodling and drawing cartoons as a child it was natural that I took a creative path through out school all the way to the Queensland College of Art with big dreams of living an artist’s life, creating work that would make people stop, think and take delight in.

But after I had finished college I found myself spending many years being creative only in my spare time, a common scenario for many artists, whilst I worked “regular” jobs. It’s fair to say over time I created less and less art while I worked more and more in these jobs that seemed to consume larger amounts of my time.

However while living in Byron Bay in the late 2000’s, I tapped back in to my creativity and became inspired to try something creatively different, to write and illustrate children’s books.

This led to the creation of ‘How to Draw Cartoon’ books and my first fictional tale for kids, Muffin & Yellephant. A book I was inspired to write based on my own childhood experiences with cancer, of being thrust in to the world of hospitals and having to deal with my own mortality at 13 years of age. As a way of giving back I volunteered with Camp Quality and the Starlight Foundation cartooning and teaching workshops.

Now of course I’m the Creative Director of Art Lovers Australia, utilizing my experience and understanding to help artists and their work reach a wider audience. I‘ve been through the struggles many artists face and that motivates me even more to create a successful platform for artists to share their passion and creativity.

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