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Image: "The Sea and Me” by LOU SHELDON | 150 x 100cm | Mixed media, oil and acrylic with gold leaf on stretched canvas

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An original acrylic painting of kruseana leaves in a lead crystal vase. ⁣

The beautiful and hardy eucalyptus kruseana, makes its own intricate formations and reaches out to the viewer as it escapes it confines.⁣

The inspiration for this painting is the fluid and seemingly unstructured flow of the branches and leaves contrasted against the rigid crystal.⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Sigrid Patterson ⁣

Available from:⁣

24 2

Box Of Memories is a multi-layered, textural abstract original artwork. ⁣

Beautiful for any space, needing a touch of colour. ⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Box Of Memories⁣
Melanie Crawford ⁣

Available from:⁣

106 5

Konstantina has put together a series of work that annotates today’s political and socio-political environment from her perspective as an Aboriginal woman, mother and activist.⁣

This work is extremely personal and emotive.⁣

It is meaningful on a number of levels, whilst boasting a playfulness that takes the sting out of the messages Konstantina delivers the viewer. ⁣

- Kate Constantine⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Flora and Fauna ⁣
Kate Constantine ⁣

Available from:⁣

78 2

Highly textured original artwork on canvas. ⁣

We are loving the blend of colour and texture. 😍 ⁣

Mixed media oil and acrylic paint. ⁣

Ayre and Beyond⁣
Lou Sheldon⁣

Available from:⁣

96 6

My goal is for my artwork to inspire your own creative expression, to evoke deep conversations and connections with other humans. ⁣

The stories behind my art are based on the journey of releasing ourselves from beliefs, and societal conditioning and the expectations of others. ⁣

I paint in the style of abstract expressionism making intuitive strokes, marks, and splashes with a random assortment of brushes and tools. ⁣

- Rose Hewartson ⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas. ⁣

Silent Whispers⁣
Rose Hewartson⁣

Available from:⁣

75 1

As a child of the 70’s I remember all the interiors in so many different houses. ⁣

Theses colours really stood out more than others. ⁣

We did frequently visit Sydney growing up and I remember having an obsession with the Sydney Harbor Bridge which I have honored in this interior piece. ⁣

- Ani Ipradjian ⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Urban Sydney⁣
Ani Ipradjian⁣

Available from:⁣

130 6

Layers of colour and pattern underlie my paintings, often combining natural plant forms with other elements from different times and cultures. ⁣

The lilac and silver background suggested a romantic subject to me, and this pair of courting Sarus Cranes were perfect. ⁣

I have tried to convey the texture and the sculptural quality of the feathers. ⁣

A beautiful piece, delicate and perfect in any space. ❤⁣

Limited edition high quality giclee print on archival canvas. ⁣

Duet Sarus Cranes ⁣
Susan Skuse⁣

Available from:⁣

142 7

This small painting is part of a series of women, journeying through life using a boat as a metaphor for the mode of transport.⁣

- Neil Matterson⁣

We are loving the soft tones and detail. ❤ ⁣

Oil on canvas. ⁣

Into darkness⁣
Neil Matterson ⁣

Available from:⁣

176 4

Check out these gorgeous birds from Featured Artist @rek_artist 💗

Available from Art Lovers Australia

71 13

I wanted to capture the unique and ethereal beauty which is part of our vast land. ⁣

The juxtapositioning of lace and dandelions against the forest creatures, emphasises the delicate and fragile nature of this climate. ⁣

There is so much undiscovered beauty in our country, we just need to take the time to see it. ⁣

- Rachel Favelle ⁣

Oil on gallery standard 100% linen on premium pine stretcher. ⁣

Wish Flower⁣
Rachel Favelle⁣

Available from:⁣

89 5

Inspired by the light, the colours and the natural beauty of the Noosa region of Australia. ⁣

What I love most about Noosa is the interplay of light. From the oceans to the clouds, to the river estuaries and the hinterland.⁣

This canvas unfolds before me every day and finds expression in my paintings. ⁣

- Dinah Wakefield⁣

Acrylic on canvas. ⁣

Deepwater Dreaming 1⁣
Dinah Wakefield ⁣

Available from:⁣

139 3

With all the richness of a renaissance painting, a Samoan woman forms a classic pose, bathed in a gentle, sensual light.⁣

- David Kirkland⁣

Photographic Print Limited Edition. ⁣

Sensual Repose⁣
David Kirkland⁣

Available from:⁣

111 2

This stunning image accompanies Splash and was taken on the same day Valentine Day 2019. ⁣

This is the view under the Dromana Pier, where the water looks like a tunnel of sapphires and diamonds. ⁣

- Michelle Bolitho⁣

Fine Art Photography. ⁣

We are loving this beautiful piece. 😍⁣

Michelle Bolitho⁣

Available from:⁣

227 6

Being a child of the Mid Century, I’ve held a lifelong fascination with modernist design.⁣

I hope my work continues to convey that era’s strong sense of optimism, fun and happiness.⁣

Traits that are somewhat lacking in these current times.⁣

The Modernist Inspired Bold Geometric Abstraction.⁣

- Lynda Hyde⁣

Acrylic on stretched canvas on wooden frame.⁣

Shifting Shapes⁣
Lynda Hyde⁣

View more of Lynda's work here:⁣

70 3

An unframed original artwork created with a palette of deep burgundy, blue, grey, sage green, a hint of burnt orange with lots of black and gold whirling across the page. ⁣

The artwork features beautiful metallic brassy gold highlighting throughout. ⁣

- Fern Siebler ⁣

Alcohol dye ink on heavyweight Yupo synthetic paper. ⁣

Fern Siebler⁣

Available from:⁣

175 4

For some art is nothing but for others it is as important as the air they breathe.

What is art to you?

141 74

My current works in oils are exploring my interest in Vintage and Antique fabrics.⁣

Before moving to painting full time, I worked as a vintage merchant supplying beautiful items. ⁣

The Fish and bubbles reminds me of a carefree childhood by the sea in terry shorts and bright towels. ⁣

My grandparents house by the coast full of grey / blue gums and bright proteas, this painting is an ode to my childhood and summer holidays.⁣

- Alicia Cornwell⁣

Oil on canvas. ⁣

Gum Leaves and the Angel Fish⁣
Alicia Cornwell⁣

Available from:⁣

217 4

New Arrivals from @samsuttieart 🥰

Check them out online or at our home Gallery on the Gold Coast.

120 9
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