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Image: "Cocky" by JENINE BELL | 76.2 x 50.8cm | Mixed media on stretched canvas



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Grace has many years of experience with different mediums and subjects. ⁣

She is now dedicating her life to aboriginal art and culture to find herself. ⁣

Learning everything about her culture and dreamtime stories from family and her elders. ⁣

Grace Brown⁣
Bush Berries⁣
Mixed media on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 64w x 64h x 5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

41 4

Conroy creates portraits with a difference. ⁣

He likes to paint people in a way that there is as much interest in the way it was painted as interest in the model. ⁣

Pete exaggerates peoples features onto the canvas, then applies paint attempting to bring them back to reality. ⁣

Sometimes they have one foot in each category a classically painted portrait with a twist of something else. ⁣

Pete Conroy⁣
Straight From The Garden⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 50w x 60h x 1.8d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

51 4

Inspired by the vibrant tones of Australia’s Rugged Coast and the changes of light and mood throughout the day. ⁣

Tania’s hope is that this painting brings a sense of calm to the room where it lives. ⁣

That it makes the people who enter the room feel as though a part of nature is right there with them. ⁣

Tania Chanter⁣
Meandering West⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 165w x 165h x 3d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

100 4

This artwork is part of a series (Series 6) in which I explore angles in Geometric Abstraction. ⁣

Striking bands radiate over a soothing ombre, and create a striking visual statement.⁣

The abstraction is planned and structured in context – every colour and line is balanced. ⁣

The bands were applied using palette knives. ⁣

Danny Jacobson⁣
Series 6 No 11⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 76w x 102h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Danny's work here:⁣

27 2

A contemporary view of regrowth lines from a Scar Tree in between Dubbo and Narromine, Wiradjuri Country.⁣

Linoleum print cut is utilized as a form of carving out the pattern to represent the art form of Dendroglyph Trees. ⁣

One of our forms of art before colonization.⁣

Some of the patterns have carved designs into the ochre while others have acrylic added.⁣

Yellow and White ochre a traditional pigment sourced from the Dubbo area is commonly used as body paint and now is reimagined as form of transferring the printing scars. ⁣

Cara Shields⁣
Scar Tree Lines 2021⁣
Ochre ink and acrylic on acid free paper⁣
Size: 50w x 50h cms⁣

View more of Cara's work here:⁣

35 3

Unwrapped continues this week at our Melbourne gallery. Come and see this fantastic exhibition between 10am -5pm Wed -Sat, at 300 Wellington St Collingwood or view the works ONLINE now. ...

92 0

I love using a combination of thick paint, a palette knife and experimenting with different colour tones. ⁣

I am inspired by nature. ⁣

Whether it be seascape or flowers, creating something that is a little bit different with a modern outlook. ⁣

Liliana Gigovic⁣
Bunch Of Love No 62⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 46w x 46h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

116 8

What to do with this canvas…do I favour the light or the dark aspects that emerged? ⁣

Dark went out strong but light needed to have a say.⁣

It resulted in a push and pull to blend and respect both sides equally. ⁣

Such a different combination in one artwork. ⁣

Lynne Godina-Orme⁣
Two Worlds Collide⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 180w x 120h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

43 3

From an endlessly inspiring corner of country Victoria, Sutherlands Creek. ⁣

Keighley creates landscapes in still life. ⁣

She uses an impressionistic style with a palette knife and brushes. ⁣

Michelle Keighley⁣
The Navigator⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 104.6w x 104.6h x 5.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣


61 3

A primordial cosmic power, one of the Dasa Mahavidyas of the ancient tantric traditions. ⁣

She is the lightning strike, the shockwave of recognition that severs the real from the illusory, illuminating the landscape of consciousness in an instant.⁣

‘I allow myself to be bathed in her inspiration. I offer myself to her, as a prayer to know her vital force, to feel her, to embody her…so as to devote myself to the transformative ritual of painting her’. ⁣

Lisa Sommerlad⁣
In the nature of Chinnamasta⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 69w x 76h x 3d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

39 2

I met Stan in 2002 (The Year of The Outback), when the Aus gov invited the public to join a re-enactment of the ‘Great Australian Cattle Drive’ along the Birdsville Track.⁣

I found Stan to be a lovely gentleman who shared his wisdom and experiences freely. ⁣

It was a wonderful experience to join such an adventure and I treasure the memories greatly. ⁣

Helen Cochrane⁣
‘STAN’ My Drover Mate – Birdsville Track 2002⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 92w x 122h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

96 3

A beautiful oil painting in layers to create a fresh natural vibe.⁣

For Nadwie, her paintings express the subjectivity of positivity. ⁣

Symbolising the power of the mind in choosing a positive outlook despite our challenging lives. ⁣

Energetic, abstracted applications of paint infuse the work with an enduring optimism, as the artist reflects ‘it’s about being at peace with oneself. ⁣

Belinda Nadwie⁣
Lavender And Roses⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 93w x 93h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

87 4

The patterns, colours and textures on this teapot are an interpretation of the coral bleaching of the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. ⁣

The coloured areas reflect my hope that it is not too late to address climate change and save the reef.⁣

To create some of the surface textures, I have collected bits of corals offered up by the sea. ⁣

I make moulds from them which I then use to take impressions, which are applied to the form. ⁣

Some handmade additions are incorporated as well. ⁣

To make the coloured pieces I add stains of varying strength to the porcelain clay to create a solid coloured clay. ⁣

Carol Forster⁣
Save The Reef⁣
Handmade fine porcelain clay sculpture⁣
Size: 15w x 11h x 13d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

33 3

📸💙🖌 ...

177 3

In 2020 we seen the politicisation of wearing a mask, in 2021 it was the jab.⁣

What is your choice, Left or Right Arm, left or right vote, what information is right, who is wrong? ⁣

Do u believe traditional media or social media?⁣

The piece has a textured 3D finish, from the layers of street posters and paint. ⁣

The beautiful rustic frame has been rubbed back in sections, then overlaid with gold glitter paint. ⁣

Brendan Walsh (ColdGhost)⁣
Left or Right or Wrong⁣
Mixed media on cardboard⁣
Size: 85w x 115h x 7d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

54 3

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76 3

Inspired by a painting, I did some time ago and wanted to revisit it in another view! ⁣

Colours that dominated my mind would not go away in this bright landscape. ⁣

The beauty of absorbing the landscape comes to life.⁣

It was in lavender season, hills were blooming, harvesters out in numbers when passing. ⁣

Some wave but others too busy!⁣

Catherine Fitzgerald⁣
Secret Destination 11⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣
Size: 100w x 100h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

129 4

Gabriela Azar Schreiner’s ‘Before the Rain’.
Acrylic on canvas.
Come take a closer look at our Melbourne gallery.
300 Wellington Street, Collingwood 3066 #melbournegallery #contemporaryart #abstractpainting #collingwood

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