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Image: "Rainbow Crush" by REBECCA WARR (152.5 x 61cm | Acrylic on canvas)



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You make me feel all the feels…love is joyful and abundant and full of all the wonderful feelings. ⁣

You Make Me Feel is an expression of love, lust and intimacy.⁣

Who doesn’t love a good love story ? ⁣ 💜💙❤️ ⁣

You Make Me Feel ⁣
Maggi McDonald⁣

View More of Maggi’s work here: ⁣

73 6

Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun. ⁣

Jump around is inspired by being happy and fun in the moment.⁣

The colour orange expresses warmth, joy and happiness.
Phoebe DSouza uses mixed media in her artworks,⁣
crafted beautifully by hand. ⁣ 🧡

This piece works in any interior needing brightness and extra splashes of colour. ⁣

Jump Around ⁣
Phoebe DSouza⁣

View More of Phoebe’s work here: ⁣

90 8


Great things happen all the time⁣ all around us, sometimes we see them sometimes we don’t, sometimes we create⁣
them sometimes they just happen.⁣

Love the moss green and the⁣ wonderful stacked moons, this a very primal painting, it is essentially a⁣ landscape.

I did not set out to create one, but once the colours came together⁣ it very quickly transformed into one, it has my two loves the sun and the moon⁣ and all that is in between ⁣

- Lana Alsamir-Diamond ⁣

Who doesn’t⁣ love the sun and the moon ? ☀🌕⁣

Great Things ⁣
Lana Alsamir-Diamond⁣

View More of Lana’s work here: ⁣

167 5

Wildflowers 2 by Kerry Leigh is an artwork that comes alive⁣ through colour and texture.⁣

Kerry uses thick acrylic paint mixed with impasto. She creates a textured surface which changes depending on light and shadow within the space.⁣

Perfect for any hallway or great for a small space. ⁣

This piece is stimulating, earthy, subtle and harmonious in⁣
any interior. ⁣

💜 We are loving it 💜⁣

Wild Flowers 2⁣
Kerry Leigh⁣

View More of Kerry’s work here:⁣

222 5

Inspiring us to let our personalities shine with love, joy and respect for ourselves and each other. ⁣

Let It Shine⁣
Greta Laundy⁣

View more of Greta’s work at

217 4

Time for change
#blacklivesmatter #blackouttuesday

392 10

Pink Cockatoos – The Prettiest Vandals is a beautiful piece by Sally Browne. ———————————————————————————
This pastel pink pair of Cockatoos look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Perched on a gum tree at sunset, they are planning their next bout of mischief.

The Pink Cockatoo represents inner influence, balance, joy, abundance and being witty.

Sally Browne uses gouache and watercolour on thick textured paper. She creates a seamless flow and movement within her work by varying the paint consistency from watery washes to opaque linework. 🖊

View More of Sally’s work here:

128 3

'Painted Lady No 9' is an interesting figurative work by Marguerite Bonwick.
Bold in blue and gold, it is an emotional and reflective painting, full of life and feelings. 🌟

Painted Lady No 9
Marguerite Bonwick

View more of Marguerite's work here:⁣⁣

139 8

This original abstract painting; 'The Unwinding of Time', is part of a series of works exploring the complex thoughts and feelings associated with evaluating one’s life path. 🌌⁣

Michelle Gilks combines various hues of deep purple, violet, and blue, with white cloud forms and stark curving lines. This gives the impression of caverns and space, containment and infinity. ⁣

The Unwinding of Time⁣
Michelle Gilks⁣

View more of Michelle's work here:⁣⁣

99 4

Immersed in storm clouds and with a single tree in the landscape, Lucinda Leveille explores her backyard with 'Fence Line'. Loving the excitement of a storm and the way that the clouds roll in slowly, this piece captures the race across the sky - right before nature hits. ⛈️ Fence Line
Lucinda Leveille

View more of Lucinda's work here:⁣

135 3

Boom! Shopping online is the way to go when you need to save time and money ! Just ask @kayneaimeeau 💗 ...

94 4

“Endless Fields” is a gorgeous limited edition print release by Tania Blanchard.

This unique artwork, inspired by blossoming fields of flowers, is full of texture and style. 🌸

Endless Fields
Tania Blanchard

View more of Tania's work here:⁣

266 7

'Autumn Clouds' is an original artwork by Lauren Danger.

Inspired by her popular Up In The Clouds Series,
this abstract cloud artwork is packed full of colours; the perfect pair for a modern room. ☁️

Autumn Clouds
Lauren Danger

View more of Lauren's work here:⁣

131 3

So much inspiration in Globe West’s look book ❤️❤️❤️ I can feel a bedroom revamp coming based on this palette #Repost @globewest
Create a warm embrace with soothing textures and tones | Pictured above: Our new Tully Bedside Table, Vittoria Slip Cover Bedhead, Tepih Bobble Rug & Lottie Linen Throw | Tap the link in our bio to view our latest Distinctive Living Lookbook #14 now | @godfreyhirst flooring - Oak Elegance 500 Raw Oak | @haymespaint - Brown Sugar | #GlobeWest #DistinctiveLiving #CollaborationEdition #furniture #living #interiors #bedrooms #lookbook #inspo #bedroominspo #AustralianStyle #issuu #interiorinspo #Australia #IssuuLoves

136 3

'Drifting Reef' by Petra Meikle de Vlas represents the effects of reactions between mixed mediums - creating beautiful ocean scenery.

The power of the chemistry between these pigments carried by different mediums,where attracting or repelling each other sometimes results in beautiful formations just like this one! 🎨

Drifting Reef
Petra Meikle de Vlas

View more of Petra's work here:⁣

120 8

'3am - Moment of Clarity' is an incredible abstract piece by Donina Asera.
Using a huge range of textures alongside blue and pastel acrylics, oils and mixed media materials - Donina provides artwork that is interesting, detailed and unmistakable. 🎨

3am - Moment of Clarity
Donina Asera

View more of Donina's work here:⁣

190 7

It’s no secret that we love @eliseandmatt from the Block 2019. Elise is a masterful styler combining layers of colour and pattern and oh so much character ❤️ Nothing boring in this bedroom ... Check out their latest project (including some Art from @jeska_valk ) ...

67 3

If you love ART, you’ll love ART MONEY!
This company makes affording art possible with their “Enjoy Now, Pay Later.” 10 payments. 10 months. No interest.

It’s so incredible that when you fall in love with a piece you can enjoy it in your home while paying it off over 10 months!
And you pay NO interest!!!! A whole lot more art just became ‘in my budget’ 😉

If this excites you too and you have an artwork in mind, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.
Call Nancy 0427374132
🙏 @artmoney_au

73 2

'Marlin Motion' by Carmen Griffen is best described as a rush of paint on canvas, using bold strokes and colours.⁣

Stylised, friendly and likeable - this gorgeous Marlin becomes consumed by a sea of rich blue hues. 🐟⁣

Marlin Motion⁣
Carmen Griffen⁣

View more of Carmen's work here:⁣

108 3
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