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Image: “Awaken II” by KELLIE NORTH | Fine Art Photography

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I draw inspirations from scenes in daily life. ⁣

My artwork is a process of turning ordinary days into extraordinary ones. ⁣

Art releases your dormant creativity and engages you to discover an inner peace. ⁣

The process of painting lets you transform transient moments into eternity.⁣

Aylee Kim⁣
Late Afternoon⁣
Oil on Stretched Canvas⁣

View more of Aylee's work here:⁣

182 7

This is a small square painting showing a Sacred Kingfisher on a speckled bottle vase. ⁣

Beside them a small glass vase with a few stems from a Venus Flycatcher leaning outward. ⁣

There is a bright red garland of flowers bubbling out of a cold blue vessel. The kingfisher seems to be gazing at a vase just out of the frame. ⁣

We are loving the pops of red on this piece. 😍⁣

Sam Suttie⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣
Lonely Kingfisher⁣

Available here:⁣

74 1

In our window today ... Kate Graham’s colour landscapes, Kate Owen’s joyful abstracts and Franko’s Pop art!

We are loving the eclectic COLOUR POP exhibition!

Come visit or check out the collection in the linktree link

@kowenart @katrus @franklinartstudio

545 11

Guided by colour and intuition Kate’s vibrant artworks provoke a delightful emotional response. ⁣

We are loving these vibrant pops of colour. 😍⁣

Kate Owen⁣
Mischief Maker⁣
Acrylic collage and oil stick on canvas⁣

Available here:⁣

120 2

I love the way things flow underwater, the soft movement of fabric and hair, the feeling of weightlessness.⁣

It’s quiet under the surface, so for me, a sense of peace reigns here.⁣

We are loving these soft tones. ❤⁣

Jane Long⁣
Ink – Translucence I⁣
Digitally composited photograph on paper⁣

Available at:⁣

93 4


This piece is an abstract expressionism of a flower bouquet.⁣

Different colour tones evoke a sense of depth and emotions. ⁣

Warm and earthy colour tones along with cool blues at the bottom creates impact. ⁣

An original artwork that can work in any interior that needs a bit of happiness and colour. ⁣

Ruchi Rai⁣
Summer Hush⁣
Acrylics on cotton canvas⁣

Available from: ⁣

194 9

Focusing on the balance between spontaneity and consideration. ⁣

Just like in life it’s important to plan some things but also leave space for passion and intuition to guide us. ⁣

A perfect blend I think.⁣

Prato is very textured and is a combination of teal, blue, green, gold and brown.⁣

Stephanie Laine⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣

Available from:⁣

140 7

This painting features red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, white, black, grey, metallic gold sugar sprays, inks and acrylics. ⁣

Plus a super cool 40mm black laser etched “Franko” made frame with all kinds of urban pop jiberish etched into it. ⁣

Layering is an integral part of all of my art. Layers give depth.⁣

I spend a lot of time on these. I really love urban pop.⁣

So much creativity and detail in one piece. 😍⁣

Heroes and Romance ⁣
Acrylics, sugar sprays, inks and texture with gloss finish on stretched canvas. ⁣

Available at:⁣

84 3

Colour is all around us. ⁣

How does colour influence your life ?

191 9

My True Love is a beautiful piece.⁣

Beautiful pink cherry petals mix with other flower petals creating a dance in the sky. ⁣

Bold and bright iceberg petals sing at the bottom of the painting like musical notes playing their own songs. ⁣

I want my work to make viewers feel at peace. ⁣

Theo Papathomas⁣
My True Love⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣

View more of Theo's work here:⁣

139 1

Indigenous plants are a natural part of all Aboriginal people. They tell us how Country is feeling and what it needs to continue to thrive. ⁣

They are our source of nutrients, our protection and what we still use modernly to create from.⁣

Whether it be seed pods as spoons, gum nuts as earrings or crushed seed to make damper. ⁣

Nothing is wasted and there is such an intricate view of another life form.⁣

Kate Constantine⁣
Banksia Honey Pot⁣
Acrylic on canvas⁣

Available from:⁣

93 3

I rarely follow conventional art methods and have developed a technique of my own.⁣

In addition to paint brushes, I use my hands, air guns, rods, blow torch, and gravity. ⁣

Typically working in large formats, I “sculpt” my paintings, starting with a board upon which I layer various materials, as my work is very 3 dimensional.⁣

It feels like I’m a sculptor more than a painter sometimes. ⁣

Petra Meikle de Vlas⁣
Ocean Mist⁣
Mixed media on wooden board⁣

Available from:⁣

106 6

Another incredible hyper realistic painting by @lixnorth .

Full of symbolism ... tap on the image link to read the full story

Available from Art Lovers Australia

121 3

Did you know we offer FREE shipping, Australia Wide ?

Now that just made buying art online very attractive 🌟

99 3

I view painting as sheer passion and feeling. ⁣

Through my process I don’t seek to depict a set idea or subject, but instead I let scenes and dynamic movement emerge organically. ⁣

Gabriela Azar Schreiner⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas ⁣

View more of Gabriela's work here:⁣

70 3

Elizabeth Taylor is arguably the star of all stats. ⁣

Her image is breathtaking and unique. ⁣

This is a tribute to her in oil gold, silver and copper leaf. This piece takes over a room just as she did. ⁣

Andrew Causon⁣
Elizabeth Taylor⁣
Oil and silver leaf on stretched canvas⁣

Available from:⁣

150 2

Exploring the fragilities of life and love through floral abstracts.⁣

Abstract floral, expressive, colourful and layered, featuring greens, blues and ochres.⁣

So much green and we are loving it. 💚⁣

Llewellyn Skye⁣
What Remains⁣
Oil on canvas⁣

Available here:⁣

123 3

Inspired by the majesty of Orchids. ⁣

So disciplined and structural, breath taking, the allure of gold, wealth and success. ⁣

This piece is about celebrating things to come. Whether they arrive or not.⁣

In this work I wanted the textures of the objects to shine. The metallic vase, the fluffy floral garland and the shimmering background. ⁣

Sam Suttie⁣
Oil on stretched canvas⁣

Available here:⁣

91 5
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