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Image: "Escape" by ROSE HEWARTSON | 95 x 125cm | Oil and mixed media on stretched canvas



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Congratulations Wayne Quilliam on winning the National Portrait Prize 2022!
An incredible photograph !

“A chance encounter at an Indigenous dance festival in far-north Queensland has resulted in this year's winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

Indigenous photographer Wayne Quilliam was capturing photos at the Laura Quinkan dance festival, a showcase of Indigenous history through dance, when he saw a familiar face — that of Aurukun man, Eric Yunkaporta.

"I looked at him and I said, 'brother, you look so familiar'. And we started to have a bit of a yarn and we realised that I'd photographed his grandfather, his community, his Uncles and Aunties, for many, many years," he said.

"I basically turned around and said, 'brother, do you just mind if I grab a quick photo of you before you go out?'"

Quilliam said he quickly took two or three photos of the "very quiet, incredibly strong young man" in ceremonial headwear before he thanked him and proceeded to watch the traditional dance.

The resulting portrait, Silent Strength, has been named the winner of the National Portrait Gallery's 15th prestigious portrait prize.” ABC, Emma Thompson

157 7

A special place from time immemorial! ⁣

A gentle, receptive land where the languid waters of the meandering stream flow past the dotted remnants of their former courses – the billabongs. ⁣

Bursting with life and energy, from the demands for space between flora and fauna set against the backdrop of the undulating coastal dunes.⁣

The stream merges with the vast ocean reaches the women of the Bundjalung. ⁣

Come, as they always have through the centuries, to the sanctuary where the ancestral spirits dwell to protect and care for their particular needs at the time of birthing. ⁣

All is in place, as it has always been, to receive and welcome the next generation of the Bundjalung. ⁣

Bianca Gardiner-Dodd⁣
Billabongs, Birthing and Belief⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 150w x 180h x 4d cms⁣

View more of Bianca's work here:⁣⁣

Do you have your ticket for our upcoming NAIDOC exhibition?⁣
Link in bio for more details. ⁣
See you soon ❤🙌

129 6

These are the corals at Flat Rock, this is my Father’s Country at Sweers Island. ⁣

That’s the place where the buganun oysters are. ⁣

Dorothy Gabori Corals – At My Father’s Country N0 700-18⁣
Acrylic on unstretched Belgian Linen⁣
Size: 140w x 60h cms⁣

View more of Dorothy's work here:⁣

27 2

A closer look at the Alicia Cornwell pieces entitled ‘Red Gum Blossom on Light Australiana’ and ‘Red Gum Blossom on Lorikeets’

These pieces are available online or to view at our Melbourne gallery at 300 Wellington street Collingwood

97 1

“Back to Earth” is the latest collaboration between Contemporary Indigenous Artist Brad Tuner and Australian Abstract Artist Cara Sanders. ⁣

This new awakening is not only sincerely heartfelt but has a powerful and profound message about reconciliation. ⁣

The series documents both Brad and Cara’s individual links to the Australian landscape; it is an opportunity to share their soulful, personal narratives and merge them into various visual creations that represent both equally. ⁣

Their art is a raw expression of their experiences through an indigenous and non-indigenous lens. ⁣

They explore the rushing river beds, the colossal coastlines, the remote desert, and all the moving parts that make up the wonder of Australia. ⁣

This one-of-a-kind series is beyond a collaboration, it is a brave stance to show sovereignty as a spiritual notion, a powerful ancestral tie between the land and it’s people and how we can co-exists with unity.⁣

It reaches to represent both the familiar and the strange, too harmonise and humanise common ground. ⁣

Brad Turner⁣
Tchooee Chagun (Undergound)⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 195w x 130h x 6d cms⁣

Available at:⁣⁣

Claim your ticket to the opening of our NAIDOC exhibition Saturday 9 July ⁣
2-4 pm - link is in our bio. ⁣
See you there 🎫🖼❤

63 1

A new series working with gum nuts and leaves found on my hikes through the Yarra Ranges. ⁣

The Waratah Banksia is a locally sourced native flower as is the red gum blossom. ⁣

Alicia’s work is inspired by nature, the environment around her home and her extensive collections of antiques. ⁣

Alicia Cornwell⁣
Waratah Banksia on White – Eucalyptus walking⁣
Oil on canvas⁣
Size: 64w x 64h x 5.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

159 3

Art Lovers Australia - Melbourne

Swing by 300 Wellington st Collingwood between 10-4pm Wed-Sat to see these works in the flesh!


71 1

Yunghi (Sun Spirit) and Bannoona (Moon Spirit) come together on a new moon and discuss what to do about the weather every month which could be rain, dry, cold, hot.⁣

Then on a full moon Bannoona starts the month with stirring up everything and makes everything active. ⁣

In my tribe we rely a lot on the full moon as it’s easier to hunt, especially at night as it’s like daytime and we can see everything, as well it’s cooler than the hot day. ⁣

Lionel Phillips⁣
The Sun and the Moon⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 121w x 100h x 4.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣⁣

Join us at the opening of our NAIDOC Exhibition on Saturday 9 July ⁣
2-4pm. Link in bio ❤

36 1

This piece is representative of time and the people we meet on life’s journey. ⁣

Many we forget but for some there is that one that stays in our heart and thoughts forever.⁣

It holds a kind of silence and inward-ness. Deep thought. Meditation practice of a sort. ⁣

Natalie Uhrik⁣
Know That I Am Here To Stay⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 155w x 104h x 5d cms⁣

View more of Natalie's work here:⁣

71 4

Revealing another of Georgia’s favourite artists … Sam Suttie

And some bonus styling tips ❤️⭐️

@ronnieandgeorgia #theblock #australianart #artloversaustralia

101 4

Inspired by my own pool and long hot summers here in Brisbane. ⁣

A non-traditional, stylised acrylic painting, loaded with detail, dots, dashes and creative styling. ⁣

An original, quirky artwork to bring the outside in to create a happy vibe on your wall at home. ⁣

Helen Stephens⁣
Poolscape Palms⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 65w x 65h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

43 1

This snowy landscape of white, lilac, silver and dark smoky blue showcases the soft rolling Alpine mountains. ⁣

The mountains are highly textured and layered with delicate washes of paint and high lights of silver leaf. ⁣

The silver leaf creates depth and will change depending on the angle of the light. ⁣

Laurie Franklin⁣
Small Snow 2⁣
Mixed media – acrylic, silver leaf and charcoal on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 25.5 w x 25.5h x 3.5d cms⁣

View more of Laurie's work here:⁣

38 1

This work is an emotional portrayal of a surreal dream that I had. ⁣

When I say emotional it is because most of the imagery was so surreal. ⁣

Much of it only slightly resembled anything recognisable. Inspired by abstract expressionism and emotional exploration.⁣

Estelle Asmodelle⁣
Totem Surreal Dreamscape⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 168w x 122h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

34 2

As always inspired by this great land of ours with the deepest respect to the traditional custodians.⁣

I’m grateful to live in this country and so in awe of it’s endless beauty. ⁣

Belinda Nadwie⁣
Yours Naturally⁣
Oil on canvas⁣
Size: 94w x 94h x 4d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

64 4

Free Groover’ is an abstract impression of the colours and movement of the 60s and 70’s.⁣

I love the way the conflicting and complimentary colours create movement as if they are dancing to the music of that time. ⁣

George Hall⁣
Free Groover⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 117w x 117h x 3.5d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

71 2

Jimbalangari Buhl in the Bundjalung-Yugambeh language means ‘Friendship Circle. ⁣

’The circle symbol in my artwork, in a general sense, stands for wholeness, unity and flow.⁣

It’s about connection, coming together, feeling nurtured and protected. ⁣

Brad Turner⁣
Jimbalangari Buhl (Friendship Circle)⁣
Acrylic on stretched canvas⁣
Size: 125w x 94h x 6d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

49 2

Inspired by colour, movement and the paint itself, I let the moment take me anywhere on the canvas. ⁣

This was my 2nd ever oil painting, painted over 20 years ago. ⁣

The challenge, and success of achieving the glass bowl encouraged me to persist with oils, and I am still using them all these years later. ⁣

David Clare⁣
Fruit In A Glass Bowl⁣
Oil on canvas board⁣
Size: 40w x 30h x 3d cms⁣

Available at:⁣

44 2
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