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7 Places an Art Lover Must Visit

Art Lovers | 18 August 2017

With so many fabulous galleries and art events on around the country where do we start?

There are a few places that continue to draw us back again and again because we know they will always have something worth the trip. It is great to make a weekend of it but with so many discounted airfares you could seriously fly for a day trip!

1- Darwin

Telstra’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA)

Puli Puli (Rocks) – Ikuntji Artists, Artist: Keturah Zimran, (Acrylic on Belgian Linen, 2017)

Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory.

11 August 26 November 2017

And if you get there for the opening weekend you also get to see the Aboriginal Art Fair.

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 11-13 August

Over 60 indigenous run communities represented from all over Australia.

Hint: If you are planning to visit for the opening weekend, book your accommodation early. Darwin is very popular this time of year!

2- Sydney

Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes

JC – Anh Do

Gallery of New South Wales

29 July  22 Oct

Also worth adding to your Sydney Trip is the The Salon des Refuses (The alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection) and the Brett Whitley studio 

You can see what we got up to in 2016 in our last blog.

3- Melbourne

of pink planets – Del Kathryn Barton

Del Kathryn Barton: The Highway is a Disco

NGV Australia

17 November – 12 March

Plan time to visit both NGV International and NGV National galleries. This will fill your schedule pretty quickly.

Remember that Melbourne IS the Street Art capital of Australia! Make time to join a walking tour or take to the streets yourself.

We highly recommend Melbourne Street Art Tours, for an informative tour around the alleys of Melbourne’s CBD where you’ll discover amazing work by world renowned street artists in places you wouldn’t think to look.

4- Brisbane

Jack Wunuwun Banumbirr Manikay – (Morning Star song cycle)

Banumbirr Manikay (Morning Star song cycle) – Jack Wunuwun

Sung into Being: Aboriginal Masterworks 1984 – ’94


22 July – 22 October

GOMA world renowned for its contemporary art see events and QAG are within walking distance of each other.

Hint: you can add onto your Art experience by staying at an Art Series Hotel The Johnson

5- Gold Coast

Swell Sculpture Festival

Currumbin Beach

8 – 17 September

Come face to face with awe-inspiring sculptures by local, national and international artists at the 15th SWELL Sculpture Festival.

Most people come here for the sunshine and beaches but one of the best regional galleries in Australia is just 20 mins from the airport Tweed Regional Gallery and the Margaret Olley Art Centre (the up close and personal experience of Olley’s home and studio is intriguing)

Image result for tweed river gallery

Margaret Olley Art Centre

Tweed Regional Gallery

MOAC celebrates the career, life and legacy of its namesake, Margaret Olley. Australia’s most celebrated painter of still life and interiors. Central to the MOAC is the recreation of areas of Olley’s famous home studio, principally the Hat Factory and the Yellow Room. The recreation features original architectural elements such as windows and doors, relocated from Olley’s home studio. The interiors are filled with over 20,000 items Olley collected over many years as subject matter for her paintings.

How to get there? Fly into Gold Coast Airport and hire a car (just 20 mins drive)

6- Hobart

Related image


The MONA building is a work of art in itself. The gallery space is encased in a three-level subterranean “cave” cut into 240-million-year-old Triassic-era sandstone on the Derwent riverbank. Jam packed with Art this Gallery is a must see.

Hint: Get the Ferry across to MONA,it is worth it for the water views but you can drive there too.

7- Central Australia (Northern Territory)

What are your Art plans?

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