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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Australian Art

Art Lovers | 18 November 2019

The art community in Australia has dealt with a lot of changes. And much like film, TV and even literature, it is usually associated with being a fairly niche market, with minimal chance for profit.

But this preconceived notion is false. Australian art is starting to make a dent in the global art industry, and it’s time to take notice. If you’re still feeling a little sceptical, check out our 3 things you probably didn’t know about Australian art.

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Street Icon 181 – Kelly Country – Brendan Walsh (70 x 100cm, Mixed media on recycled paper | Framed)

#1 – Australians are preferring art over sport

Despite the stereotype of Australians, being the rowdy, sport-loving, outback type, statistics have shown that today more people are inclined to go to an art gallery or exhibit in Australia than they are a sports match.

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Lightning Storm – Michael Nelson Jagamara (41 x 51cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Past studies have shown that there is a higher number of attendance at galleries, museums and theatres than there are sports matches. The attendance of art galleries in Australia has even trumped the attendance of our beloved home sport, AFL.

We may be known for our energetic sporting culture, but it looks like Australians are veering more towards culture than sport. Perhaps the sporting country stereotype lingering on our reputation is merely indicative of sportspeople being more vocal. You certainly wouldn’t find art lovers screaming and jeering amidst an exhibit.


Mosiac – AMANDA CAMERON (122 x 122cm, Oil on stretched canvas)

#2 – Art is becoming a promising investment

Our art market hasn’t made as significant an impact in the international world as it would like. With the exception of the small popularity of indigenous art, there is a lower number of people whose career is an artist in Australia than other western countries.

But this stat is changing, and art is quickly becoming a promising industry to invest in. While most of our major cities take a little longer to pick up on worldwide trends, but we are still quick to pick up eventually. With the way art has grown in other countries, there’s no wonder the industry will be booming soon.

We can compare it to, say, the property market. Metropolitan areas lead the trends, and pave clear a path for smaller areas. Big cities like Sydney and Melbourne are showing a huge rise in art, and the other cities will soon follow. The cost of art in Europe especially, but emerging Australian artists are still selling for reasonable prices. It’s best to get investing now before the industry booms.


Lured – AMY KIM (115 x 115cm, Acrylic on canvas)

#3 – Art is going online

Hiscox, a recognised insurance provider, release an annual fine art report detailing the art trade of that year. 2016 reported that online sales had increased 24%, creating a profit of $3.27 billion. A pretty hefty amount for an industry that is supposedly not as “popular”.

Much like most forms of creativity, art is heavily influenced by the online world, and it’s actually helping a lot more than hindering. Online publications and the like have given access to art from all around the world to those looking for inspiration. It seems that this digital world is actually helping more people become fascinated by art than ever before.

With the ease of pages like Art Lovers Australia, scrolling through and learning about art is no longer a luxury for only a select few. You can discover and fall in love with an artwork without even leaving your bed, and get it shipped to your door within a few days. Now, there’s no telling what digital access will be able to do for the art industry.

Circular Quay Overview – Ian Tremewen (150 x 100cm, Watercolour on paper)

Alejandra Sieder Noriko Xin Contemporary


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