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3 Questions you should be asking your interior design clients but probably aren’t …

Art Lovers | 3 August 2020


Every designer asks the same stock standard questions but we suggest adding something different to your client questions to elicit new answers that just might reveal something that makes users excited to be in the space. Here are 3 questions to ask your next interior design client.

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1. How do you unwind at the end of a day?

Does your client unwind reading a good book? Does your client prefer a laid back calm space that eases their mind after a long day or perhaps they like to socialise so need clear entertaining areas.

2. What colour is your favourite article of clothing?

Colour psychology is a real thing. It is amazing how colour can influence thinking, cause reactions and impact mood. Our wardrobes change more often than our interiors, so knowing what fashion colour choices are attracting your client can give you important insight. When designing your client’s space, add a favourite colour anywhere within the furniture, cushions, rugs and artworks. Check out our blog on colour theory and psychology here:

3. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Culture can play an important role when it comes to designing the perfect space. Your client may be interested in a particular country and passionate about the history. Taking inspiration from the use of colour, architecture and patterns is always fun. For example a Turkish inspired interior can take inspiration from the bold, colourful and vibrant textures used throughout Turkey.

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