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Patrycja Whipp

South Australia

Born in 1980 in Wroclaw, Poland Patrycja is a contemporary abstract artist and designer that immigrated to Australia in 2007.

Her work is inspired by nature in all its forms. Her paintings often represent personal‚ psychological feelings and struggle between man and nature.

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About Patrycja Whipp

Her preferred choice of medium is acrylics, although she painted numerous pieces with oils. In her earlier works she uses mixed media, experimenting with textures and materials such glass‚ wax and resin‚ creating three dimensional effects. Drawing inspiration from natural elements, such as her local surroundings of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula, she creates a canvas full of colours and textures and wait for the imagery to reveal itself. While some subjects expose themselves immediately, nestled in the colour and texture, at other times she watches the canvas for days, waiting for the imagery to unfold. The process is never the same. Recent works are acrylics, which she loves due to their fluidity in creating layers of vibrant colour. Created with a process she calls “Flowfusion”, the technique was inspired from the organic nature of liquid paint and the fluid look created by different colours running together. She also experiments with the pouring of paints onto canvas, manipulating it with a variety of methods, including gravity, to create a beautiful marbling effect and other unique finishes. In her work she is inspired by life and movement, everything she sees and the emotions and energy she experiences. Conveyed through her abstract expressionist style, she focuses on allowing the paint to lead he to face the unknown. Through an explosion of colours and emotion, her work showcases the dynamics of life through the movement of the abstract form and rich palette.

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