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Lara Accarias


I am a self taught artist working with acrylic paints on canvas. The type of fluid art I do is extremely messy and fun, but it can also be quite tricky to get right. I have to have the right paint consistency, timing, paint flow, and tilt to the canvas or I can very easily end up with a mess. If I do it properly I get to watch beautiful details come out, and I think that some of the paintings actually look better close up. It's messy, fun and I love it!

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About Lara Accarias

I am a self taught artist working with acrylic paints on canvas. I was born in Adelaide, and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I moved to Brisbane over 11 years ago, and it was the best decision I've made. Painting helps me to cope with my lovely, crazy 5 and 6 year old son and daughter who keep our house loud and chaotic. The type of fluid art I do is very messy because I use a lot of paint, so my studio does not have one square inch without paint on it (as well as on almost everything else I own, sometimes that includes our white cat!). The paintings require a lot of focus and timing, and can't be left once I start or the colours can run together. I have ruined a few good ones because I got distracted! If timed properly I love to watch the gorgeous detail emerge out of the paint flow, it's my favourite part of the process. I include close up photos, but the paintings look much better in person where the detail can be seen properly.

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