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Glendon Cordell


Glendon is an Australian artist living in Hobart, Tasmania. Completed a Batchelor degree of fine arts at the university of Tasmanian.

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About Glendon Cordell

I am a somewhat abstract painter, if you like colour then hopefully you’ll like my paintings. Painting is my passion and I enjoy creating colourful scenic pieces that I hope is reflective in my paintings. My work reflex’s the landscape in a contemporary somewhat abstract way. Using many layers of acrylic paint in a detailed concise way and thought out structured composition. My work explores my relationship with colour, rolling formations, texture and mark making on canvas. I’m inspired by the place where I live and grew up, in the lovely scenic island of Tasmania. Beautiful rolling green hills, deep blue water ways, dry yellow fields are inspiration that I paint in my own quirky way. My paintings are not serious works but I paint for the joy of the viewers appreciation of a piece. I hope to relay a feeling of calmness, serenity, joyful and happy emotion and that the painting is pleasing to the eye. Enjoy

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