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Melbourne, Australia

I absolutely adore resin. It is unlike any other medium I've ever used. Because of its nature and my specific technique, every single resin piece I produce breathes its own life and tells its own story.

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Deborah is a resin artist from Melbourne, Victoria. Deb's business started years ago with acrylics as her common medium, until the day she came across resin. And then a new unbridled passion was born. Deb is not the sort of artist who generally starts with a vision in mind, it is all about the colour palette. Putting together a selection of colours that match perfectly match with each other and then using her own technique's, Deb lets the resin work its magic. "That's what I love about resin. You can use the same colour palette over and over again but every single piece is going to be different as so many factors effect the resin. To me, Resin is abstract at its best."

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