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Damian Smith

Hobart Tasmania

If there’s just a few things I could share about myself I would say I love storytelling, I have a curious personality, and my mind is often dreaming about the future.

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About Damian Smith

I’ve been a creative person my whole life, starting with colouring in comic books when I was a little kid and have been a pretty big comic nerd ever since. What I love so much about comics is the amplified storytelling, and my love of storytelling has carried through all elements of my life. For me it’s the storytelling that I love in jokes, music, movies, relationships and art. ​ It’s my curious nature that often has me stopping to notice the colour combinations of plants, landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes. These offerings I see everyday feed my inspiration. My curious nature also drives a lot of my art themes. I use my art to figure things out, how the body, the mind, the heart, and nature works. Funnily enough I also like to build things because I get a buzz figuring out how things go together. ​ It’s in part from my curiosity that I am often dreaming about the future. Sometimes in the short term thinking about what I can do for my next project or art series, and often in the distant future thinking about what the earth will be like in a thousand years, what a colonised mars will be like, what a future human will be.

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