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Coco Shi

Cleveland QLD

I love colours, shapes and their compositions, I know it’s abstract to write about them but when you put them together on paper, along with your imagination, it creates beautiful and interesting pictures.

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About Coco Shi

I was born in China and came to Australia in 2003, immediately I discover the love for art when I went to high school on the Gold Coast. I have been following my dream ever since; I completed the Diploma of Fine Art at Southbank Institute of Technology in 2008 and the Bachelor Degree of Fine Art/Visual Art at Queensland University of Technology in 2011. My works were influenced and inspired by Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. I also enjoy practice realist paintings and drawings to improve my skills. I find ideas in almost any places: nature, landscape, my living room and so on. I often draw a line or shape on paper, and just let it grow with my imagination. I favour the quote by Henry David Thoreau “ It is not what you look at matters, it is what you see.” I want my works not only appears to you as “pretty colourful paintings” when you first look at it, but also the longer you look at it, you will begin to see the details of what it is and what you think it can be. For my portfolio please visit cocoshi.net

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