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Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland

Photorealism/abstract artist

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About Ashvin Harrison

About: I create art to express the beautiful side of existence as I see it. I turned to creating visual art after loosing loved ones a few years ago. I taught myself to draw and paint with pencil and house paints as I had no idea acrylics or oils even existed. After much trial and error with face and body pencil drawings, I stumbled across charcoal and my connection was made. The way I manipulate this dark, cold and raw substance links well to my perspectives on existence and my own life. Through accidental discovery, I made up a unique way of applying charcoal to paper and canvas. Much the same can be said about how I apply acrylic and resin mixes to my canvas pieces. At first, my artistic creations were for me to grow from. I now also create to share with others. Today, I search to express my personal nature and feelings on life through my art on a daily basis. Using charcoal, I create a high contrast photorealism representation of life and existence. Through colour mixes, I express my emotions at a given time and the excitement I see in living creatures. I look to focus on the positive, beautiful, peaceful and inspiring each day as I continue to grow. Education: No arts education- just a self taught artist. After attending seven schools, I dropped out. Though, somehow I have a few unrelated certificates and a bachelors degree. Before becoming a full-time artist in 2017, I worked in 30 different fields, jumping from job to job. I get bored easily. I've worked as a media teacher, investigation officer, Google Maps tech, cabinet maker, apprentice chef, training hairdresser, toilet cleaner and musician to name a few.

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