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Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland

An artist of expressive realism

Art works for sale: 61

About Ashvin Harrison

I create art that visually speaks of my personal beliefs and nature. As a result of experiences in life and my obsession with the contrasts of life and death through my interested in the philosophies on existentialism, I flow towards visual representations of thoughts and motivations to create art. I mainly create high contrast photorealism nude, realistic figurative expressionism portraits and expressive realism nature art pieces. Most commonly I use charcoal as this dark natural substance reminds me of the positive beauty that can be found in bringing a cold, dark and dead material back to a representation of beautiful life- helping to make sense of my existence and purpose for such. I use colour as an expression of emotion, life or movement. How I feel day to day impacts the use of colour, technique and subject.

Art for Sale by Ashvin Harrison

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