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Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland

An artist of expressive realism

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About Ashvin Harrison

I recently started creating visual art to express the beauty of existence as I see it each day. As I can imagine many of you will relate, my life has been full of extreme positives and negatives and leads me to question why we exist. I find great interest in many philosophies on existence, particularly 'existentialism'. This has shaped my views on life and what I consider to be a 'purpose in life'. For me, it's to provide happiness for others from what I do. After teaching myself to draw and paint in my spare time, I started using charcoal to create body shapes. This cold and dark substance reminds me of the possibilities in creating beauty and a representation of life from death (dead tree matter). I now use charcoal in every art piece as a realistic representation of life. I recently started using acrylic colours to express the beauty of movement and emotion- almost to express how it feels to be alive. For now, I create expressionism/realism/street art style pieces, using my own unique made up techniques and styles. Being a self-taught artist, I'm always off on my own little winding and twisting dirt track as I seek to discover more ways to express life as I see it.

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