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Annie McArt

Peachester Sunshine Coast

Annie McIntosh lives on a farm outside Peachester, a small community in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland. She is an emerging artist, coming to Art at a later stage in life, full of enthusiam and energy for her new found love.

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About Annie McArt

Drought, flood, sunlight, stormy gloom, stark barrenness and lush tropical growth all impact on us either dramatically or subtly as we experience joy or dismay at what we see. Annie loves exploring colour and mood, examining the impact of the visual world which surrounds us and the very personal emotional response triggered. This is then harnessed and heightened by the painting process. Collage, acrylic paint and inks are used in an erase/ponder and replace method of working to delve deeper into the strata of landscape. Abstract expressionism best describes Annie’s loose and fluid approach to both content and style, drawing upon visual memories or emotional impact of the Australian landscape. This can be experienced whilst travelling or just walking out the door to her farmland near Peachester. Reality sparks the imagination, evolving into a response and emergence of a discussion between the heart and the mind. This initiates an echo not necessarily articulated, within the viewer, delicately balanced between what is iterated, what is felt and the final visual impact.

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