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Andrea Marriette

Sydney NSW

From a very young age I was in love with many forms of arts and crafts, whether it was sewing, painting, drawing and even sculpture. Painting is my passion and the spark to my soul, this I want to continue.

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About Andrea Marriette

When I left high school I proceeded with my passion and attended 5 years through College and University studying art and design in the UK, achieving high end diplomas for my work. I have also painted many murals in restaurants and kids bedrooms. I've even completed a stained glass course, which was difficult but lots of fun at the same time. From there, I moved to another direction with my career, but all the while, over the years, I have still produced works of art in many forms. Now I am getting back in the saddle. The one thing that always shines a light through my soul and adds excitement to my world is……. Creating inspiring artworks. Every piece I produce will have a inspiration or meaning behind it, whether it is a print or an original painted canvas. I have lived in Australia for 17 years now and there are so many inspiring surroundings which I see everyday. I have a long list of subjects that I want to apply onto canvas or paper. I am open to commissioning.

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