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Additional Information

You are invited to join me in my studio to explore the art of painting with encaustic. I will demystify the process of working with this sensual medium and share some of my methods for creating unique painting effects. I like to keep the class size small (usually 6 to 8 students), this makes for a very personalized learning experience and students of all skill levels gain from the intimate studio workshop with foundation techniques including image transfers, embedding papers and images, colour, collage, pan pastels, shellac burns and texture methods and embedding. You will learn how to make your own medium and be provided with additional resources on materials and safe studio practices. Work small and come away with lots of completed work. Bring your own materials to collage and embed if you wish! Excellent course for beginners, and experienced artists can take their work to a new level. Instruction and reinforcement in colour and composition will be included in this challenging workshop. Due to the limited number of spaces available per class early registration is recommended to secure your spot. All materials for my workshops will be supplied in the studio. All you will need to bring is a packed lunch. A delicious healthy morning tea will be provided. Encaustic is one of the most beautiful mediums to work with. The name derives from the Greek word, "enkaustikos," meaning  'burning in'.  Using a beeswax medium, pigments are added and heat is employed when applying this durable mixture to a firm substrate. In hot liquid form, the wax medium can be brushed, poured or penned onto an absorbent panel.  It dries instantly, heat is then applied to manipulate and fuse the wax as the artwork progresses in layers. Heat guns, torches can be used simultaneously with brushes, sticks, any mark making tools you can find. Encaustic can be stamped, modelled, sculpted, carved and drawings can be applied onto the surface. Collage material can be applied, and/or embedded into the wax. This multi-tasking, quick drying and spontaneous art form of painting well engage the participant and keeps the adrenaline running. It is an addictive and engaging process. Invest in your creative future today for just $300.00* (*price is for the whole 2 day workshop)

Workshops – Encaustic (hot wax) Mixed Media

Cheryl McGannon

This is a 2 day workshop with materials included.

Classes – 9.30am to 4pm both days

Workshop dates:

Tuesday & Wednesday 20th – 21st June 2017 (one place left for these dates)

Friday & Saturday 11-12 August (this is an advanced workshop for photographers or those wishing to use photographs in their encaustic paintings who have previously completed an introductory workshop)

Thursday 31 August & Friday 1 September 2017

Thursday & Friday 26-27 October 2017



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