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Aboriginal people considered themselves integrated with and part of the natural world. For 40 – 60,000 years they lived a life of sustainability. Sticking to a simple life is a main element in keeping the fragile Australian ecosystem in balance.

We can hardly return to nomadic life, but we can apply the principle behind it: to adopt a caring attitude towards the earth’s ecology. Indigenous to this land, Amarlee Kelly depicted in this painting embodies her totem of ‘The Crow’. The crow symbolises developing power of sight, transformation, higher perspective and connectivity to all living things.  Amarlee in warrior pose, stands strong, powerful, representing a culture of great importance.

This is an original painting using oils on board, finished with a wooden detailed frame with silver painted highlights.

The Crow

Jeska Valk

Size: 104w x 135h x 2d cms

Oil on board

Wooden frame

Ready to hang



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