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Additional Information

This latest nude art piece is inspired by a friend. She sits, watching television, in this relaxed manner. I asked her and another friend to recreate the pose for me to create an artistic version, linking to my love of wine and evening lamp reflected contrasts. I chose to paint the background in a few layers of mixed reds including cadmium, naphthol crimson and violet red, as inspired by my love of red wine. I feel the taste of good wine can exhilarate and excite like the freedom in being nude or loving your unique existence. Due to the size of this piece, it makes an incredible statement. The red becomes a rich deep cadmium wine in moderate room lighting and then lifts to a crimson red in bright daylight. This piece is ready to hang and impress!

The Pleasure of Cadmium Red

Ashvin Harrison

AUD$2,200 AUD$995
Size: 122w x 92h x 4d cms

Acrylics and charcoal on high quality backed canvas


Ready to hang

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Sold By: Ashvin Harrison

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