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Additional Information

This art piece is inspired by the beauty of dance and excitement on wine. I tried a few new techniques in this piece as I wanted it to stand out given the extra large canvas. I created a somewhat resin effect throughout the dress with relaxed splashes towards the ends to express movement. I decided to lift this piece with a softly textured cream background. The purple are inspired by my current bottle of happiness! My ballerina focused art pieces have been sold to collectors in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I create my own artistic expressions of dance as I feel best expresses my current mood in existence. This may be the piece which speaks to you like it felt to me creating, if not, feel free to contact this art gallery website to commission me to create your own dancer, inspired by your personal interests and desires.

Pinot Noir Dance

Ashvin Harrison

Size: 92w x 122h x 4d cms

Acrylics and Charcoal on high quality backed canvas


Ready to hang and impress


Sold By: Ashvin Harrison
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