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Dreams are fascinating and often puzzling. In this work, the images around the peaceful sleeping cherubic face represent all kinds of symbols that we may meet in a dream. The archetypical journey, the ancestors, the mysterious creatures (the little firehorses in the sky), the fairy, the homes and houses, balloons, an empty chair, which often represents missing someone. All kinds of funny people and animals can visit you in a dream! This is an oil painting, and ready to hang. Its unframed, but you could choose to drop it into a box or shadow frame and that would enhance it even more. I like my work to stimulate the imagination and conversation, and this should do it. Anything to get us off our technology and talking to each other!

Pieces Of A Dream

Susannah Paterson

Size: 76w x 61h x 3.5d cms

Oil on stretched canvas


Ready to hang

In stock

Sold By: Susannah Paterson

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