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Dragon Flight is an abstract multi layered round epoxy resin wall art on mdf board, ready to hang. The process of resin art begins with he mixing of two part Epoxy Resin, with artist quality pigment pastes added into the resin. Resin is then poured onto the substrate either in a random fashion, or in a pre-determined pattern. The results are not absolutely predictable, which is what makes it an exciting and spontaneous method of working. After years of producing very structured artwork, I have fallen in love with the freedom and spontaneity of working in this way. This work is multi layered with each layer of resin adding more colour and depth to the work. The beauty of resin is in its extraordinary vivid colours and fine detail obtained when colour pigments are added. The epoxy resin used is a hard, UV resistant, clear laminating resin.  

Dragon Flight

Gayle Reichelt

Size: 90w x 90h x 5d cms

Multi layered abstract, round epoxy resin wall art on mdf board

Ready to hang


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