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Calling Up Angels is a surrealist oil painting about our integral connection to the earth and all living things. I don't know about you, but I think its time to call up some angels to help us make that shift away from abuse and neglect, towards caring for and kindness to the earth, and all sentient beings. all my paintings go through an organic process. When I begin I don't really know what will come out .. I trust the process of making marks and then developing their potential. I leave shapes that are evocative of the theme, and I develop other bits further. Some marks are left unformed in their prima state because they contain an energy or vibration of their own that deserves to be there. like many painters, I don't think of myself as the creator, but I find a space where the work is created through me. if you are into woo woo, then you could say that I channel the works...

Calling Up Angels

Susannah Paterson

Size: 100w x 86h x 3.5d cms

Oil on stretched canvas


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