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This is a mixed media drawing on Arches paper, unframed.  I love exploring the "accidental" mark - I see the process as a metaphor for life itself. We are each born with our own unique potential. What we choose to explore and develop, or to leave undeveloped and unexplored creates the structure and composition of our lives. iIn a microcosm of this process I work with both the conscious and unconscious marks to create an allegorical work which invites you to stare into it, deeper and deeper ... and the more you stare  and let your mind run free, the more you will see.


Susannah Paterson

Size: 76w x 57h cms

Mixed media drawing on Arches Aquarelle paper

Inktense, ink, charcoal, acrylic paint, gesso



Sold By: Susannah Paterson

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